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Coronavirus quarantine: Feeling bored and depressed at home? Get super baked with this classic weed brownie recipe

Make some delicious weed-infused brownie sundae that will cheer you up this summer 2020!

Classic weed brownie sundae (infused with canna butter)

Brownie recipe:
250g canna butter (butter infused with cannabis oil)
1 cup sugar
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 tsp of salt
1/4 tsp
1/2 cup cocoa powder
1/2 cup all purpose flour

Preheat oven to 350 F degree
Melt canna butter in the microwave or sauce pan
Add eggs, sugar, vanilla extract into the melted canna butter and stir well
Combine all the dry ingredients and gently mix it into the butter
Pour mixture into greased brownie pan
Bake for 25-30 minutes
Once brownie is set, put it in the fridge to chill
Divide into pieces, add ice cream and chocolate syrup to serve!
(The THC dosage of the brownie will depend on the potency of the canna butter that you use)

Alternatively, if you are feeling lazy, instead of making it from scratch, you can also get some premade weed brownies, cut it into chunks then add ice cream and syrup to serve!

Brownies by Euphoria Extractions comes in small pieces and have a small amount of weedy taste.
Brownies by Fairyhi are absolutely my favourite because they are organic with 0 weedy taste and 3 different dosage options (120mg, 250mg and 450mg THC).

You may find out more baked edibles selection here.

Have fun and get super baked at home!

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Where to stock up cannabis products during the Covid-19 lockdown?

As retails continue to shut down to prevent spreading of the new Corona Virus, where should cannabis users get their medications? Online dispensary is surely a safe option as it is “contactless” which lowers the risk of virus transmission. There are many online dispensaries available but if you are unsure where to shop, we have gathered a list of important factors for you to consider before making your online purchase.

  1. Reliable. Spend a little time to look at their products reviews. A good online dispensary should also have their policy and information stated clearly such as FAQ and access to contact them for any questions. It doesn’t hurt to send them a simple email to say Hi and let them know you are interested in their products.
  2. Reasonable price. While regular users might want to stock up on their medications as supply could be tighter in the next few months, prices should not be increased drastically. Instead, look for deals and promos! Bulk and ounce orders often comes with a discount which saves quite a bit.
  3. Broad selection of products. Be sure to check out the product description for information about the product such as user guidelines and dosage.
  4. Delivery method. A tracking code should be provided with mail orders. It is best if the company can provide some type of insurance policy to cover lost/ stolen packages.
  5. Safe. Check to see if the company is taking any precautions to avoid contamination.

At Godbud here, we love assisting and chatting with our clients. We typically respond to emails instantly and we are more than happy to explain product usage and instructions.

Currently, we also carry enough supply which can guarantee fair prices and maintain a large variety and selection of products. Check out our BUDS, CONCENTRATES, EDIBLES and CBD products. We also offer bulk deals and free delivery on orders over $150. Use promo code: shopgodbud for 10% off first order. Don’t forget to check out on SALE items!

Godbud also ships out your order the same day you place your order (payment received by 2pm PST)! Our policy is that if any item is lost or stolen during transit, the coverage is up to $1000.00.

Most importantly, Godbud takes sanitary precautions seriously to make sure everything is clean and hygienic when we handle our products. Our team uses masks, gloves and disinfectant at all times. Staffs who are feeling under the weather stays home until they are fully recovered.
We make sure everything is as safe as it can be!

Choosing the right online dispensary can be difficult sometimes. I hope the above tips will clarify your confusion and help you decide which online dispensary is safe and reliable!

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Best high CBD strain: Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is a unique strain that has a high CBD content. This strain will not get you high as its THC content can be as low as 1%. It is known as the powerful marijuana strain available for medications.

The name of the strain has a story. Charlotte’s Web was named after Charlotte Figi, a girl in Colorado who used to suffer severe epilepsy until she used this strain which effectively stopped her seizures. Her story raised enough awareness in the medical field which helped develop medical marijuana laws and the legalization of cannabis. It is a hybrid strain that is quite well balanced between sativa and indica. It is also highly effective at treating pain, muscle spasms and even Parkinson’s. It also helps with inflammation and anxiety as it has great calming power. It is hemp-derived, and the effect is only physical with no intoxication. Children and pets (with the correct method and dosage) can also benefit from it. This strain has a sweet pine smell and earthy taste. There are many different CBD products available on the market such as CBD gummies and tinctures. Check them out here.